Top 11 German Banks for International Students

Top 11 German Banks for International StudentsInternational students in Germany who currently have a Sperrkonto (blocked) account, can also open a current (Girokonto) account to access several economic advantages during their study in Germany.

Below we will review some major banks in Germany which are offering special service for international students.

The bank is a top choice for international students seeking an account. One of the major reasons is that it doesn’t require student status in order to get an account which means there is no need to transfer it or make any changes with banking options upon graduation.

DKB-CASH also provides account holders with free VISA cards and cash withdrawals from anywhere on the planet. This is ideal for students who wish to retain their Euro bank account upon leaving Germany. It also provides higher interest rates to account holders than most student accounts.

Account Features:

  • A free Visa card for account holders
  • A complete free account with no minimum monthly requirements, hidden or maintenance fees
  • 1.05% interest on all credit card balances
  • Free cash withdrawals across the globe
  • Membership to ISIC given freely with Visa card
  • Minimum age requirement of 18 without an upper age limit

2.Postbank Giro plus
Another top choice for international student bank accounts is Postbank. They provide free accounts for students of any age and provide unique “Happy Hour” bonuses to incentivize new customers with offerings like free VISA cards, cash bonuses, etc. Students should pay attention to bank’s limited time sign-up bonuses to maximize the usefulness of their student account and minimize the costs.

Account Features:

  • No monthly fees or minimum account or direct deposit requirements
  • Completely free account
  • Over 9000 ATM locations that allow free cash withdrawals for account holders
  • First year VISA card is free, or free for the lifetime of the account during the special “Happy Hour” offer
  • A member of Cash Group, offering access to the groups full network of locations and ATMs
  • All accounts are free for anyone under the age of 22 and for any students or student trainees of any age whatsoever
  • Free international cash withdrawals via VISA Card

3.Volkswagen bank Young Giro
This bank provides free student accounts for any student, international or domestic, from 18 – 27. They also offer bonuses and a free VISA card.

Bank’s Account Features:

  • Only available for students from the age of 18 27
  • Free account management
  • A free VISA card that account holders can get free cash withdrawals with
  • A starting bonus of €50 for all accounts with 2 deposits in the first month and regular account activity

4.1822Direkt Girokonto Studenten
This online only bank is a great choice for international students. Not only does it offer free bank accounts and round-the-clock services through its online facilities, it allows free cash withdrawals throughout Europe, and also provides exclusive benefits to students with accounts between the ages of 22 and 26.

1822Direkt Account Features:

  • All accounts are free (so there are no fees to keep it after graduating)
  • Students up to the age of 26 can receive special student account benefits (like the MasterCard)
  • Students receive a MasterCard free with their account
  • Account holders can make free cash withdrawals at all of Sparkasse’s 25,000 ATM locations
  • Account holders can also make free cash withdrawals from any European country that uses Euros

5.Commerzbank Startkonto
One of Germany’s largest banks, it can serve international students seeking accounts both through their online facilities and the extensive network of branches and offices. Additionally, Commerzbank is among the few German banks to provide an English version of their website, making it very easy to use for many international students.

Features available:

  • Accounts are completely free. There are no monthly or hidden fees.
  • One of the few German Banks with a website in English
  • Branches all across Germany
  • Any student or young person who deposits at least €500 also receives a free Visa credit card with their account

6.Targobank Starter-konto
The bank, while formerly a subsidiary of Citibank, provides both online and regular banking options for international students needing a bank account in the country. Like Commerzbank, Targobank is one of the few that offer a website in English, making it one of the simplest to use for foreign students.

Account Features:

  • A free account with no minimum fees, requirements or payment minimums.
  • An online banking website available in English
  • A free Girocard that works at over 2,900 ATMs
  • A classic card is available for free online for students as well

7.ING-DiBa Girokonto Student
One of the leading features of an ING-DiBa account is that they are always free for everyone – student or not. Though it does not provide any exclusive benefits for students, all the facilities they need are available and their offerings are competitive enough to all account holders, which makes them an excellent choice for international students.


  • Account management for the account is always free – even after graduation
  • Free VISA/Girocard with each student account
  • Free cash withdrawals via the free VISA card
  • A €75 bonus for student account with at least a €300 monthly scholarship, salary, or stipend

8.ComDirect Girokonto
ComDirect, though it provides nothing special for students, remains an excellent choice for any international student for a variety of reasons. Accounts are always free, a VISA card is included, and all the specific facilities students require are also already available in the normal account making it an ideal choice for students who wish to keep their account following graduation.

ComDirect Account Features:

  • Complete free account with no minimum cash requirement
  • A free VISA/Girocard
  • Cash withdrawals are free with VISA card at all locations worldwide
  • A starting bonus of €50 is available if a minimum of 5 transactions of at least 25 euros is maintained over the first three months the account is open

9.Deutsche Bank Das Junges Konto
One of the most popular and well known German financial institutions among international students, Deutsche Bank is a good choice for a number of reasons. First among these is they provide English speaking customer service and will open an account more quickly than many other options available to international students.

Account features available:

  • Fully English Customer Service makes using the bank easy for most international students
  • Simple account services and options – ideal for temporary accounts
  • Can provide a blocked account
  • Allows for free cash transfers between all Bank of America and DeutscheBank accounts
  • An ATM Card that can be used at any of the CASH Group’s many ATM locations at no charge
  • Available to students under the age of 30, after which a month fee of €5.99 is assessed
  • Be aware that the bank does not provide credit cards to student accounts

Though it does not offer student accounts specifically, Netbank, because it provides free accounts to all, worldwide cash withdrawals, no minimum account balance, and everything else an international student would need in Euro bank account, remains a viable option.

Netbank Account Features:

  • Free banking account with no minimum monthly deposit required
  • A prepaid card with a preloaded €20 value is free with all accounts
  • There is also a €50 bonus if, upon joining, an account maintains a minimum monthly deposits of €400 or more
  • A MasterCard classic is free for accounts that use over €4,000 annually and available to all other accounts for an annual rate of €20
  • Each month, account holders are granted 5 free international cash withdrawals via their account MasterCard

11.DAB Bank
Though no specific student accounts are offered by DAB, their normal accounts provide an array of facilities and features that serve the needs of international students studying and interning in Germany well.

DAB Features:

  • A free online banking account
  • A free MasterCard classic with all accounts
  • Free cash international withdrawals via the account issued MasterCard
  • Free domestic cash withdrawals at any of DAB’s 9,000 German ATMs

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