Tips for German tourists using German Banks during their stay

If you plan on touring Germany very soon, you are probably already trying to plan your finances-how you will retrieve your money when in Germany. Since it is just for a brief visit, you wouldn’t be operating German account; you will have to withdraw from your account back home, while in Germany. German banks typically open on Mondays to Wednesdays to 8:00 to 16:00 and on Fridays from 8:00 to 17:30.
ATMs are one of the few ways foreigners and tourists can have access to cash, while in Germany. Their ATMs work just the same way as that in your own country and even includes instructions in English language. When you use the ATMs, it takes money from your account in your home country currency, but gives you the equivalent in German currency. Even though you will pay fees, it is much better than exchanging the money at the bank. Although touring can broaden the mind, but if you are not careful, it could drain your purse. Here are few tips for tourists trying to use German banks or ATMs.
1. Before leaving your home country, confirm with your local bank that your debit/credit card would work in Germany or any foreign country. Do not make assumptions, as you might end up stranded and unable to survive.
2. Inform your local bank that you will be making withdrawals from a foreign bank. This is because when any suspicious withdrawal from an unknown location is made, they might freeze your account for your own security.
3. Avoid using ATMs that are not within a bank premises. Endeavour to use bank ATMs that is within the bank environment. This is because it Is quite impossible for thieves to assail people when the ATMs has surveillance camera close by. And if you have any issues, you can easily lodge complaint at the bank.
4. The use of cash is still very popular in Germany. Some cards are not accepted by some local shops. So endeavour to withdraw enough cash from time to time, as you might be unable to use your credit card in some areas.
5. The keypads in German ATMs only have numbers, so it is important to memorize your Personal Identification Number, (PIN) by number instead of letter. Also try to obtain a 4-digit PIN. German ATMs do not accept any other form.
6. Try to know your local banks daily withdrawal limit. Also know the ATMs limit of the bank you choose to withdraw from. Many foreigners have walked away from the bank ATMs in anger and frustration, with the thought that the ATMs rejected their cards. Unknown to them, they had asked for money beyond the bank ATMs limit.
7. Make an extra copy of your important documents such as your passport, and most especially, your debit/credit cards and your emergency phone numbers of the bank. Keep in a safe place and avoid taking it round with you. This is in case you lose your purse on your way, you will be able to contact your bank and credit bank companies to help.

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