Banks with English Service in Germany

Banks with English Service in GermanyIf you have an English speaking German bank in mind, or are having issues negotiating online banking in German, you will be pleased to learn that there are a few banks that offer English language services. Each of these banks have traditional street branches, and are not online only. This means that there will also be an English speaking representative ready to answer your questions.

Deutsche Bank

This is the most popular choice among English speakers, although the cost of using them can be high. The bank has an English speaking representative at most of their branches, as well as have an online banking portal offered in English. They also offer a phone banking service with an English option. That said, Deutsche Bank will hit you with a charge of €4.90 per month, no matter how much you deposit each month. The lone exception is a student account, which comes without the monthly charges.


  • English speaking employees
  • English website for online banking
  • English phone hotline that is available during regular banking hours
  • Account maintenance fee of €4.90 per month (student accounts are free)


As this is one of the biggest banks in the country, finding an English speaking employee should not be difficult. An appointment may need to be made when opening an account, but that can be bypassed by applying online.


  • Free bank account, as long as your monthly deposit is €1200 monthly or more
  • English speaking staff at most branches
  • English online banking website
  • €100 joining bonus
  • 8,500 miles joining bonus of Lufthansa’s “Miles and More” program.


This bank, which was formerly operated by Citibank, delivers an English online banking service.

  • Free account management (€1000 for Plus account, €2000 for Comfort account)
  • Free account management Online Bank account from €600 cash receipt (active account)
  • Internet banking site in English
  • Cash withdrawal is free when using ATM cash pool
  • Free securities account.

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