Types of Bank Accounts and Credit Cards Available with Berliner Sparkasse

Types of Bank Accounts and Credit Cards Available with Berliner SparkasseWhen it comes to your saving and financial information, you need a reliable bank to take care of everything. Security and privacy of your data are the most important aspect when choosing a back for an account or credit card. The Berliner Sparkasse is a back with a long tradition in Germany, founded in 1818. Since then, even on today’s competitive market, this bank managed to remain on the top of the most appreciated banks in Germany. They have an improved system with online management and electronic signature, which makes the entire process more reliable and less papers to complete.

If you want to open an account and receive a payment card at the bank, there are a few easy steps to achieve this.

First, you need to enter on the bank’s website to check out their service offer. An account can include everything you might need for a fast, secure and transparent management your dayly transactions:

  • Online or telephone banking
  • A service terminal based on your account
  • Banking services by document

The first option, online banking, is the easiest and will not add any supplementary costs to your account management. The information you need is being processed electronically, so you don’t need to line up in queues or wait until your request is processed. Plus, you can check your account and financial status whenever you want, all you need being an Internet connection.

Below is a listing of available services that come together to the bank account. Some are included in the account’s management fee while some may come with an additional cost. Thus, we separated them into two distinct categories. You should also know that having an active bank account will also generate monthly management fees. A Berliner Sparkasse account will have the monthly fees ranging between 2 and 4 euros per month.

Free services:

  • Online and telephone banking
  • Personal account service terminal
  • A bank card with chip for savings
  • The use of the ATM belonging to the bank or any Landesbank in Germany
  • Cash deposits or payments made from your account
  • Credit card services with regular cash receipt
  • Emergency services for 24 hours per day

Services that imply a supplementary fee:

  • Consultant services – 1.90 euro
  • Additional Sparkasse card with chip – 8.50 euro per piece

Applying for the account and the complementary services is very easy. You just need to complete an electronic form found on their website at https://www.berliner-sparkasse.de or at any bank branch in Berlin. It would be advisable to register with your address and phone number from Germany. It is still a national bank, so they will require information about your staying in Germany.

In the online form, make sure you complete every field marked with an asterisk (*), as they are mandatory, and your request will not be filled unless you do so. Make sure you leave your phone number and e-mail address to receive any notifications about your registration status or account information.

You should also know that if you apply for a credit card, the value of the maximum sum provided will be appropriate to your monthly income. Also, keep in mind that if you use the card to withdraw money from other ATMs than ones belonging to the bank, a transaction fee will be submitted to your account.

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