Reisebank: the Leading bank for travelers in Germany

Reisebank: the Leading bank for travelers in GermanyHeadquartered in Frankfurt am Main, ReiseBank has more than 85 years of experience in business travel payment. It began as a part of the Deutschen Verkehrs-Kredit Bank (DVKB) which was founded all the way back in 1923, acquired by the company in 1926. The DVKB gained permission to start providing travelers with exchange services. Currently, the company is a subsidiary of DZ Bank and operates in over 100 prime tourist locations such as airports, train stations, city centers, and border crossings. They are a part of Western Union (an international money exchange company) and work with over 1,200 banks across the world. They are not a traditional bank that allows you to deposit and withdraw money from your accounts, however, as their sole business is that of exchanging money for international visitors.

If you are planning to travel to Germany, there is a good chance you will use the bank to exchange your money for Euros which you can use during your stay in the country.

You can also purchase a prepaid MasterCard, which does not require an account and can even be purchased anonymously, to use on your travels as well as travelers checks. They also specialize in exchanging precious metals, international money transfers, and are working on becoming ATM accessible.

You’re required to have proof of identity such as your passport or an id card for exchanges and purchases.

Reise is the leading bank in Germany for travelers of all kinds and you can be sure that when you visit this beautiful country, the exchange of your money is in good hands. People have been trusting them for the better half of a century to meet their needs and the bank is always improving its service and moving forward.

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