DZ Bank BLZ and SWIFT/BIC Codes in Germany

S.W.I.F.T. code is an international personal identification code of the bank or financial institution, consisting of a specific set of Latin characters and figures (mainly in branches and offices).

SWIFT/BIC Codes and Bank Sort Codes / BLZ (Bankleitzahl) of DZ Bank Branches in Germany. 

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Branch Name / Location BLZ – Bank Sort Code (Bankleitzahl) BIC/Swift-Code
DZ BANK Berlin
Zip Code (PLZ): 10001
12060000 GENODEFF120
DZ BANK Hamburg
Zip Code (PLZ): 20045
20060000 GENODEFF200
DZ BANK Hannover
Zip Code (PLZ): 30002
25060000 GENODEFF250
DZ BANK Oldenburg (Oldb)
Zip Code (PLZ): 26016
25060000 GENODEFF280
DZ Bank Frankfurt am Main
Zip Code (PLZ): 60274
50060000 GENODE55XXX
DZ BANK Frankfurt am Main
Zip Code (PLZ): 60265
First Cash DZ BANK Frankfurt Frankfurt am Main
Zip Code (PLZ): 60265
50060411 GENODEF1FCS
DZ BANK Geschäftsfeld vK Frankfurt am Main
Zip Code (PLZ): 60265
50060412 GENODEF1VK1
DZ BANK Kassel, Hess
Zip Code (PLZ): 34009
52060000 GENODEFF520
DZ BANK Stuttgart
Zip Code (PLZ): 70049
DZ BANK Karlsruhe, Baden
Zip Code (PLZ): 76049
66060000 GENODE6KXXX
DZ BANK München
Zip Code (PLZ): 80268
70160000 GENODEFF701
DZ BANK Nürnberg, Mittelfranken
Zip Code (PLZ): 90002
76060000 GENODEFF760

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DZ BANK (Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank) is a part of the cooperative financial network, which includes more than 1,100 local cooperative banks. The bank is one of the largest private financial institutions in Germany in terms of assets.